We utilize password protection for transmitting data over the network (SSL communication).

Moindy Digital Co., Ltd. has been certified with 256-bit SSL server by DigiCert, an electronic certification that binds small data files with the Private Key of the server. This technology is essential for data encryption, requiring appropriate and matching decryption keys to decode the data, enhancing security for communication or data transmission over the Internet network between the server and web browsers or applications used, thus preventing unauthorized access to hacker's data.

We employ password protection for data transmission over the SSL network. The exchanged data between the company's web server and the customer's computer (browser) is encrypted before transmission.

Similarly, important personal data is also encrypted before transmission. Therefore, there is no need to worry about data theft during transmission.

Pages that use SSL will begin with the URL "https" and will display the Key mark in the customer's browser.

Implementing the "One Time Password" (OTP) system

The One Time Password (OTP) system is an automatic password generation system that can only be used once. Once the password has been used once, it cannot be reused, thus preventing unauthorized access or misuse of the password.