Exclusive Ingredients

Domohorn Wrinkle products are enriched with over 170 natural ingredients from around the world. We also carefully selected 9 unique ingredients that help strengthen the skin's self-repairing power and restore the beauty and health of your skin.

Changbai Ginseng Essence

A special type of Korean ginseng, which grows for seven years in virgin forestland on Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province in China.
It supports the power of collagen.
Purpose: Improves skin elasticity

Improves skin elasticity

Tulip Essence

A variety of tulip known as Pink Diamond. It contains the mechanism HSP47, a protein that the supports the fundamental power of skin and elasticity.

Prevents skin inflammation and improves skin elasticity

Guava Leaf Essence

It increases and balances the moisture pathways, and delivers the moisture where it is needed, to maintain moisture balance.

Maintains healthy skin

Yabatsui Essence

A perennial grass native to Hunan Province in China. It provides HSP70, a protein that supports the fundamental power of skin and recovery from UV ray damage.

Protects the skin

Conger Pike Collagen

The conger pike lives on the nutrients of the Andaman Sea, Thailand. Its skin contains high quality collagen.

Provides skin with moisture Softens skin

Penetrating Collagen (Tripletail)

A rare red snapper that lives in the oceans around Indonesia. It stores plenty of high quality, resilient collagen.

Provides skin with moisture

Pimpinella Saxifraga Essence

It grows in the Swiss Alps, where it is exposed to strong UV rays. The power to prevent oxidization of lipids and protein in the skin has been discovered in the stems and roots.

Maintains skin health

Imojochu Lees Essence

Residue created during the production process of Kumamoto sweet potato shochu. It focuses on the mechanism that causes skin yellowing.

Makes skin luminous It protects the skin

Shiranui Chrysanthemum

A tiny white chrysanthemum that blooms in the Shiranui region of Kumamoto Prefecture. The role that age-accelerating protein plays has been discovered.

Maintains healthy skin and improves skin elasticity

Safe and gentle natural plant-based ingredients

You can rest assured that your skin will be fully nourished without synthetic ingredients that damage your skin.